Breakfast With Jesus: MATTHEW 11:29

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls

The definition of meekness: a strength and character that is completely flexible to God’s desires and will and which does not worry about being unrecognized or getting one’s own way.

It is difficult to find a rendering less open to objection than “meekness.”  “Gentleness” has been suggested, but as “meekness” describes a condition of mind and heart, and as “gentleness” is appropriate rather to actions, this word is no better than that used in both English versions. It must be clearly understood, therefore, that the meekness manifested by the Lord and commended to the believer is the fruit of power. The common assumption is that when a man is meek it is because he cannot help himself; but the Lord was “meek” because he had the infinite resources of God at His command. Described negatively, meekness is the opposite of self–assertiveness and self–interest. It is equanimity of spirit that is neither elated nor cast down, simply because it is not occupied with self at all.

Quick surrender to the unfolding will of God:

Focused adaptation to the unfolding sovereign will of God.

Non-assertiveness of your own will but complete acceptance of God’s will for you.

Am I kicking against the goads… as Paul did?

Am I railing against my assignment and lot in life or joyfully accepting its work and joys?

Am I realizing that God is God and I am not? That He assigns the perimeters of life and I do not?

Have I readily accepted my lot in life and discovered its joys, work, and service?

Am I focused on the present moment and the service, care, and assignments involved in it rather than working on an agenda that requires I push past this moment or arrogantly assert that my agenda is more important than the people in this moment?

*  This material is copyrighted © by Gil Stieglitz who retains all rights to the material.   The verses quoted are taken from the NASB Bible 1995 edition.

*  In order to protect the future book I need to copyright the material but I give complete freedom to share these blogs to whoever you think they might encourage.


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