Breakfast With Jesus: ROMANS 8:28 Part 1

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose

What is the difficulty that you are facing that God is sending as an opportunity? Right now God is trying to bless you and move you towards a better future in some way: personally, professionally, maritally, financially, But it comes disguised as a problem, a difficulty, a crisis. Be alert to what He might be doing and cooperate with Him. Embrace the fact that God loves you and is actively loving you and can bring great things out of disaster and even sin.

What disaster in your past turned out to be a blessing? In all of our lives we have those things that happened to us that seemed like absolute disaster, but then out of that problem came a huge blessing. It is important to think through those, so you remind yourself how God works.

In my life I think of the four young ladies that I was convinced at one time were the perfect mate. Each one had wonderful qualities and terrific personalities and attractiveness. Each one made it clear that after lots of time together, they were not interested in going further in a relationship with me. After each one I was crushed and yet I had the hint that the person whom God would have for me must be even better than this person. This is so true. By depriving me of what I so desperately wanted, God allowed me to eventually meet and marry the perfect woman for me. She is far beyond those other young ladies in every category and, most importantly, she more clearly fits me.

I also think of how all I wanted in life was to pastor a large church that could reach lots of people and have a huge impact for Christ. I was asked to apply for a number of wonderful churches, and I was interviewed and rose through the process; but I was always turned down in the end after becoming one of the top candidates. This was deeply disappointing, but I did not know why.  Then one day I had a conversation with a man who specifically does not like me. He let me know that he had heard about my being considered for various churches and took it upon himself to call them and tell them that I would be a lousy pastor for that situation.  His alertness and phone calls meant that no large church would consider me. After a while I was asked to consider becoming a mentor and pastor to pastors in a different part of the country.  I accepted and have had a wonderful ministry to pastors and Christian leaders that I would never have been able to develop. I have had opportunities to speak with and impact men and women who I would have never met. I have been able to speak to huge crowds of people and talk to very influential people. Also the flexibility of the position has allowed me to write books, which there was never enough time to accomplish in the pastorate.  Without this position that I was almost forced to take, I have been able to increase my impact across the country as well as speak in various parts of the globe and to develop my writing and produce more books than I would have thought were in me.

and we know

What is interesting is that the Apostle Paul says that we know what is really a matter of faith. We know it in a way that is clear to the inner part of our being and we trust in the Lord’s superintending hand. This knowing is the seed of faith. It is in some ways experientially based; in other ways it is the gift of God completely. It is experientially based in that we have watched God take us through difficult times before. We have come through other things that did not make sense to us and now can look back and see the tremendous sense that it makes that God steered us into that situation.

The apostle has experienced over and over again what this verse states. It is not a matter of faith anymore to the apostle, it is a fact of life. The Almighty God is so powerful as to be able to turn what was evil and destructive into a good in our lives if we respond properly. There is a way to turn everything that occurs to us into a positive. It does sound far fetched but it is true.  We know this.

*  This material is copyrighted © by Gil Stieglitz who retains all rights to the material.   The verses quoted are taken from the NASB Bible 1995 edition.


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