Merry Christ-mas,

This has been a wonderful year for Principles to Live By. Let me tell you about some of the many good things that have happened in this last year. We published three new books this year: Breaking Satanic Bondage (this is an update and rewrite of my dissertation on spiritual warfare); Becoming Courageous (this is a rewrite and updated workbook that we have used successfully back at Twin Lakes Community Church and now with Courage Worldwide as well as many individuals); Developing A Christian Worldview (this is a basic doctrine workbook that I have used at the Seminary and with others who want to strengthen their faith). We have added two E-books this year: Spiritual Disciplines of a CHRISTIAN and Becoming a Godly Husband. We have been encouraged that a number of these books in e-book version have begun to sell already in their initial release.

We have a whole new website. We made many significant changes to our website (Thanks to Debbie Purvis and David Sauer) which has allowed us to connect with more people. We also have a business facebook page and a blog. It has been very interesting to move forward with getting our materials out to a larger world through Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter as well as continuing to add to our email blasts. We send out over 7,000 devotions each day to help people connect with God. I have been very encouraged by the response this year to Breakfast with Jesus and Transformed.

We have also added a number of new resources. We did a six week seminar on Everyday Spiritual Warfare for three different megachurches. Many people said it really helped them understand Spiritual Warfare and how to strengthen their spiritual life. That seminar is now on the website as a podcast so you can listen to the whole workshop. We have also added some other workshops and seminars that I have done in the past: God’s Guide to Handling Money (this is an examination of what God says about how to practically handle money); The 4 Keys to a Great Family (this is a seminar that I taught on how to enjoy parenting teenagers); Becoming a Godly Parent (This is a 13 week workshop specifically designed on how to parent toddlers and elementary school age children. This establishes the basic biblical patterns for loving, instructing and correcting your children so they grow to love God.)

In this last year we have increased our Christian Leadership coaching programs. We have conducted ongoing coaching on Pastoral Leadership and Growing a Vibrant and Healthy Church (This coaching is for the pastor and Christian leader who wants to maximize their ministry); Intensive Spiritual Warfare (this coaching is for those who have become involved in helping those under spiritual oppression and attack); Creating Dynamic Presentations that will be Remembered (this workshop helps teachers and preachers increase the penetration of their messages).

We have also completed a number of live seminars this last year: Empowered by the Holy Spirit; Budgeting made Simple; Everyday Spiritual Warfare. 2013 has been one of the most productive years we have had in a long time. I want to thank all the people who helped make this new spurt of materials and professionalism possible (Debbie Purvis, Sandy Johnson, Jenessa Stieglitz, David Sauer, etc.)

We have even more things planned for 2014.

We plan on publishing Deep Happiness (which is a workbook on how to develop the qualities of the Beatitudes); we are going to republish one of our best selling books Becoming A Godly Wife under the new name; God’s Radical Plan for Wives: How to really love your husband; We are thrilled that Jennifer Edwards has written a companion workbook devotional that will also be published in 2014. Jennifer is a wonderful Christian woman who has real skill in teaching and writing. She will be doing workshops and seminars on this vital topic this next year. We are also excited to let you know that we are going to be publishing Breakfast with Solomon – Year 1 as a book and an e-book in 2014

In terms of further e-books we will be going back this next year and publishing Mission Possible, God’s Radical Plan for Wives; Breaking Satanic Bondage and Deep Happiness as e-books.

In terms of seminars we already have three new live seminars that we will be doing and then turning the audio into podcasts for you to pick up: First, The Spiritual War surrounding your Money (this explores the surprising level of spiritual attack in the area of money); Second, Becoming an EP2IC Family (this workshop details the 5 things parents must be constantly on the look out for so that their children are able to become righteous healthy adults who love God); Deep Happiness (This seminar shows the practical exercises and projects that will allow Jesus’ blessings to pour into your life as you cooperate with God in developing the Beatitudes).

As I do seminars, workshops and classroom instruction in various churches and universities, the one question I get more than any other is, “Could you mentor me or coach me to maximize what God has given me?” Unfortunately until this year we have had to decline these requests. But not anymore, this coming year we are starting an extensive video coaching program so that Pastors, Leaders and Christians can be coached and mentored in transformative Biblical exercises and projects. We recognize that most people who want our coaching and mentoring cannot attend a live event. We have found a way through webinars, online forums and question answer sessions to use the internet to mentor thousands. Our video coaching program this year will begin with Pastoral Leadership and Growing a Vibrant and Healthy Church and Winning the Battle over Temptation

​From Dana and I, Debbi, Sandy and Jenessa we truly wish you a very blessed 2014 and pray that you grow in your relationships with others and most importantly with our Lord and Savior.

In His Service,
Gil and Dana Stieglitz
Debbi Purvis, Sandy Johnson, Jenessa Stieglitz
Principles To Live By
Life is Relationships


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